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Monday, April 20, 2009

My Blue Butterfly Tree

Welcome to Blue Monday.Sally is the host
for this event.
A time to visit blogs and
make more new friends.

My post today is a post from a friend.She had been on a field trip with her child's classroom to some forest in or around Atlanta I asked her to look for blue butterflies and this is what

Oh there is no words to express this very special meeting that took place. The Forrest was most honored to witness such an impressive moment.

And honestly, so am I! This is, of course, the blue episode after that first ladybird incredible gathering. I don’t remember ever seeing such butterflies (the only blue butterflies I caught when I was a child were small and had some dots on) and I hope not to catch the Mariah-la-butterfly-mania, but I do declare this scene to be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! Those colors are fairytale-ish, aren’t they?


Mr Lee said...

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We hope that we will have the opportunity to make friends with you.
We invite you to come to our blog. You are welcome any time.

Smilingsal said...

They are magnificent! That color! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Shanda said...

Wow, so beautiful.

bj said...

I agree...this looks like something right out of a fairy tale...very beautiful..

Knitty said...

What an amazing sight! I love your quotes on the previous post too. :)

Barb~Bella Vista said...

That is so beautiful!!!!!!!

Happy Blue Monday.


Boogieboard Cottage said...

What an absolutely gorgeous photo! All of the treasure in the world can't compare to God's beauty, can it? :O) Mary

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Wow! They are extraordinary! What a delightful sight! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Blue Monday.


Kitties at Our family cat-a-blog said...

This is spectacular. What a sight to behold. ~The mother of the kitties at Our family cat-a-blog.

Thanks for stopping by my kitty blog. You mentioned that you have dogs. Well, I have a couple of them, too☺ I also live with a Golden Retriever, Scout and a German Shepherd Dog, Freyja. I'm working on a blog for them, too.

MY BLOG is if you'd care to see the "person" me and not the "animal" me, hehehe!

BTW, I'll be back, your blog is lovely.

Happy To Be said...

WOW!! now that was just beautiful girl..just loved it...Happy BLUE Monday to you girl...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Hey Cutie! Email me....I want to run something by you.
LOVE the tree!

jeanne said...

WOW, those butterflies are gorgeous to say the least. Awesome event and photo.


Anonymous said...

this Tree is not from your friend this is from Kelvin Hudson he click the picture in San Francisco in the Golden gate park this was a special work for Hewlett- packard and i can say this because i have the magazine from outdoor photographer octuber 2009 and at the end this picture figure with the information and all. the only way that she could click this picture is just if she was with Kelvin and even than you never have two the same pictures sorry.

OhMyHiggs said...

I have the same magazine and yep it was taken here in San Francisco Golden Gate Park. They are Blue Morpho's found only in the American tropics Kelvin Hudson, he said the following:

"We hired a butterfly wrangler / breeder ( Lepidoptera) who with the help of a glue gun and my direction achieved this image. No cruelty involved as they were resting!"
I think the only thing your friend clicked was the search button on google or the scan button.