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Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Gang: The Little Rascals Part 1

Our Gang: The Little Rascals

These pictures are great.

What ever happened to those people?

In case you forgot who is who.

Well, here it is...

The Our Gang Curse

Alfalfa --

Carl Switzer was shot to death at age 31.

Chubby --

300-pound Norman Chaney died at age 22 following an operation.

Buckwheat --

William Thomas died at age 49 of a heart attack. (wow I never knew that buckwheat was a man!!)

Darla Hood --

The Our Gang leading lady contracted hepatitis and died at age 47.

Brisbane --

Kendall McCormas, known as Breezy Brisbane, committed suicide at age 64.

Froggy -- William Robert Laughline was killed in a motor scooter accident at age 16.

Mickey Daniels --

He died of liver disease at 55.

Stymie --

Mathew Bear led a life of crime and drugs. He died of a stroke at age 56.

Scotty Beckett --

He died at age 38 following a brutal beating.

Wheezer --

Robert Hutchins was killed in an airplane accident at age 19.

Pete the Pup --

He was poisoned by an unknown assailant.

Butch --

Currently lives in California


Robert Blake was accused of murdering his wife.

I did not know that was Robert Blake!

Did any of you? Wow.

Please share with all your 'old' friends, I am sure they will love this!

Our Gang: The Little Rascals Part 2

This was really a great e-mail. This is
a black and white classic series that so
many people watched everyday for years.
It is so sad that each cast member has
died with the exception of 2. Where did
their lifes go so wrong. I hope you can
figure our by the pictures who is who.
It took forever to do this and then it
turned out like this. I would go back
and fix if I knewhow. If you were a fan
you will know who everyone is. Something
that I don't think that I ever knew was
Robert Blake played Spanky. Amazing to me.
Was Robert Blake ever charged with his
wife's murder?? If you know let me know..
I believe he was I am just not sure.

These pictures are great.