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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TIPS - Long Live Your Lashes

A flutter of the eyelashes can get a girl places, but only if the lashes are long and luscious of course. They need as much looking after as any other part of your appearance. Here is how to make sure you don't neglect those peepers!

Eyelash curlers make a big difference. For maximum effect, squeeze and release the curlers at least 3 times on your eyelashes in different places. This will give you the maximum curl and open the eyes right up. Don't use curlers after you have applied mascara as this breaks and damages the lashes.
When applying mascara, wiggle the brush from side to side as you sweep upwards. This gives width to lashes. If length is what you are after, apply mascara several times to just the tips of the lashes.
Have a day off from mascara each week. You can use Vaseline on this day which will condition the lashes and keep them in good nick. You condition your hair after all, why should your eyelashes be any different.
Avoid false eyelashes if possible. The glue can actually pull lashes out and you will end up with shorter, thinner eyelashes. Concentrate on what you were born with and enhance using mascara rather than falsies.
If your eyelashes are fair then eyelash tinting is an option. Don't do it yourself unless you know what you are doing. A trustworthy salon will do a much better job for you.
Don't pick at dried mascara on your lashes. Use a good make up remover and cotton wool, and be gentle as you wipe the mascara off. Never pull the lashes away from the face as you remove mascara, as you will definitely lose a few.
Don't be afraid to experiment with colour. Try a colour mascara on the tips of your lashes for a party look, or apply a little bit of glitter for eyes that really sparkle!
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