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First I am a mother of two sons, Chad 35 and Ryan 32. Through these beautiful sons, I have been blessed with two beautiful daughter-in-laws, Kelli and Erin. As a result of these beautiful wives comes three beautiful grands, Connor first and the only one for fives years. Then, Kelli and Chad blessed me with another beautiful grandson, Cooper, who is now three. Ryan and Erin blessed me with my first granddaughter, Presley, and now Presley has brother, Harper, who is 2. My blog is really all about family. The reason I chose Magnolia Memories as my blog title is I am from Mississippi! I love Magnolia's. Memories is something that I make everyday. I still have my mother who will be 89 on her birthday in April. My life is centered around my beautiful family. Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

De Colores

Every time I see pictures of roosters it
makes me so happy. It brings back
wonderful memories from North Mississippi
Emmaus. Have you ever been to Emmaus?
It is the most wonderful place that I have ever
been. It is as close to haven as you can ever be
until we get to heaven.
De Colores this morning!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Trash To Treasure Great Finds To Share

Diane at A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words is hosting
Trash To TreasureTuesday at
I have had this lamp for some time.
I purchased it from the Salvation Army Thrift Store
without the shade for $2.00. The shade I found at my
favorite Boutique Dirt Cheap for $3.00. It really matches
the lamp. It looks like it was made to go on it.
Also, I bought this chair at Victory Outreach
for $4.00. It appears to be a very old chair.
The cushion is from no other than Dirt Cheap $2.00.
$11 dollars for all of it. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa Came To See Connor and Cooper

Cooper and Connor these pictures are so cute.
I had to share.I left my camera
at Chad's Christmas Day. These are some
pictures of the boys that I had taken earlier
in the month. Kelli has some beautiful
pictures she took Christmas morning. Please
visit Sassy Southern Mom at

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It is exactly 9:21am here in Meridian (Central).
I have to be ready by 2:00 to have Christmas at
my son's, as you can see I haven't even finished
wrapping their things. What is wrapped is from
my friends shop. I have been up since 5:30, making
circles around these different piles. I really could use
a couple of Santa's Elves or any Elves at this time.
Guess where I am at on the computer. It seems to
help me to get things going when I see everyone
else so organized. I will not be doing this next
Christmas Eve. Hold On I Think I hear someone!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Decorating A Garden Trellis For Christmas

This is when I first brought it in....

I really wasn't sure what to do with this trellis
after I brought it in. I really don't have a
Christmas theme that I use from year to year.
Things are added, changed, trimmed and always
used in a different rooms or in a different place.
So, I am trying to be very creative in dressing this
trellis up for the holidays. I really belief that this trellis
is in a perfect space. I did buy a swag to add.
I am asking for any suggestions that you may
have! I will have this finished for next week.
Thank you Diane for hosting Trash To Treasure

What Can I Say They Are Gorgeous Boys

Cooper spends the night with me.
So we made plenty of pictures to share. Connor spent
the night with me the past two Saturday nights. For Blue
Monday I am sharing my beautiful grandsons. As you can
see they are both wearing blue. The cartoon was even blue.
Hope you enjoy seeing how Cooper is growing..
He is the best baby as long as you are entertaining
him or holding him. Connor favorite thing is to make him cry.
He loves to hear him cry..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finishing Touches (Saves Money)

The finising touches of decorating is that wonderful smell
of Christmas. If you haven't ever bought Avon (I do not sale)
they have the most wonderful Christmas Sprays that are on the
market. I have always used Brandied Fruit Spray by Trimmings
oh oh it is a Christmas Scent for sure. Now from Avon I bought
Hot Spiced Cider, Hot Apple Pie and Spiced Pumkin Bread for the
cost of one bottle of Trimmings. So please try them.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Very Dazzling Monkey

Isn't she just so full of Persoanlity. This is
one of those items that the 50% off sale
isn't going to help bring her to my home.
She is priced at $500.00. You certainly
would have to have the right place to be able
to use her. My thoughts were a front door
greeter. Then again beside a Christmas Tree
is where they have her displayed. She has been
the talk of the store. What do you think about her?
Thank you Beverly for Hosting Pink Saturday.
Please visit How Sweet The Sound

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Connors Picture Gallery (He's into taking pictures this week)

Chad brings Connor to my house every morning. So
every morning is mine and Connor's time together before
he has to go to school. This has been our routine for
several years now. I took these first two pictures.
In the mornings thats his new thing is to take pictures while I finish
getting ready for work. Cooper was sick on Tuesday I kept him.
Connor was taking pictures he wanted to take some of Cooper,
but Cooper just wasn't interested.
These are some of the pictures that he has taken. I told him
I would post them on my blog. Here goes!!!
The first pictures is brown bear he brings him every morning,
we put him in Connors front zipper in his book bag.
Brown Bear goes to school everyday with Connor.
Connors has carried him for six years.
Chad and Kelli have spent a lot of time going back to different
places looking for him. They will treasure those memories
forever Cooper is attached to two blankets. Same color same fill.

This is Cooper!!!

This is my Mardi Gras Santa

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Someone Trash Becomes My Treasure

This beautiful angel I bought Monday at one of
my favorite shops The Salvation Army Boutique as
I call it. I feel like the money that they charge on these
little decor pieces are well worth the money and goes
to such a good cause. She has cameos on her dress, a pearl crown.
This such a pretty treasure to show today. Also the amazing
thing about her she has a sticker on the bottom of her holder
with the ladies name and address. she lives in Bay City Texas.
Please visit Diane at A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

Monday, December 8, 2008

Choose A Christmas Decorating Book

Author: Ralph Null & Bob Hampton
Author: Stephanie Donaldson

Author: Liz Trigg,Tessa Evelegh and Stewart & Sally Walton
As you're out and around doing your Christmas Shopping.
think about your friends who love to decorate. A book is the
perfect gift. When you see what wonderful decorating ideas
these books have for Christmas, you might want to play
Santa early and give your gift ahead of time. And don't forget
to find one for yourself, too.
Books are always a nice gift, a lot of time we
will not buy these kind of books for ourselves.
Hope this idea helps for that one gift that you can't
decide what to get. Sometimes people who don't enjoy
decorating will look at a decorating book and decide to
try some of the ideas that are shown...

Friends Who Love To Decorate

These are some of the decorating ideas in these books that I shared.
Achieving a Country Look. Furniture and Furnishings.
Autumn recipes, gifts from the pantry. Savory preserves and sauces.
Harvest and Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Last but not least RECIPES.