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First I am a mother of two sons, Chad 35 and Ryan 32. Through these beautiful sons, I have been blessed with two beautiful daughter-in-laws, Kelli and Erin. As a result of these beautiful wives comes three beautiful grands, Connor first and the only one for fives years. Then, Kelli and Chad blessed me with another beautiful grandson, Cooper, who is now three. Ryan and Erin blessed me with my first granddaughter, Presley, and now Presley has brother, Harper, who is 2. My blog is really all about family. The reason I chose Magnolia Memories as my blog title is I am from Mississippi! I love Magnolia's. Memories is something that I make everyday. I still have my mother who will be 89 on her birthday in April. My life is centered around my beautiful family. Life is GOOD!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Plan That Changed

Change is part of life

Despite our best efforts, plans change. Sometimes everything works out for the better. Sometimes regret a missed opportunity. Sometimes you decide to make the change and sometimes you have no choice.

Write about a plan in your life that changed and how
it turned out.

For me it was ending a 12 year marriage.There
has been times that I feel I made the worst
mistake of my life.
Times have been very hard for me adjusting
to being on my own. I was married 21 years
to my boys father,divorced and remarried a
guy that I thought I would grow old with,
would take care of me when I was sick,
enjoy spending time with just me.But I was
so so wrong..I guess those are just fairy tales,
because the guy I fell in love with totally had
a different outlook on life.I just wish I could
have read between the lines.

Today, as I share a plan that changed for me
has changed me forever.

Please continue to pray for me. I know that God
has made each and everyone of you a part of my
life for a reason..



roy/elisabeth dean said...

God sends us our SoulMates....we just have to keep our hearts and minds open so we'll know when they show up!
It took ending a 10 year marriage and several years before I was ready to accept that Roy was the one for me. He is NOTHING like me (I'm a democrat, he's a republican; I'm Auburn, he's Alabama; I'm outgoing, he's shy; I'm dark-skinned/dark haired; he's strawberry blonde with beautiful blue eyes). In other words, I wouldn't have given him a second look but for the fact that GOD kept putting him in my way!
There is someone perfect for you. What you have already endured will just make you that much more appreciative. You are young and beautiful and smart....what's not to love?
Are there singles groups at your church? What about a fun singles cruise? What about just hanging out with ME in Birmingham one night? hahahaha
Keep the faith~

Kim Evans Pigue said...

I have read your post several times in the past few couple of days and my heart really goes out to you. My favorite line from my favorite movie, Steel Magnolias, "That which does not kill us, makes us strong". My faith in God is what makes me get through each day and when I am my weakest, He shows me the way. I am praying for you.

Bo said...

I haven't been around much lately, but I'm glad I dropped in today...
I agree wholeheartedly with Lilly's comment. God sent me just the right person 40 years ago, even though I wasn't at all sure of it...You are a beautiful, smart lady & someone special is eager to find you...I'll pray your paths cross soon... Hugs, Bo

Sares said...

I'm so sorry for your troubles. I hope that once you get through this horrible time, you come out stronger, healthier, and happier.
I'll keep you in my thoughts and God Bless. Hang in there!