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Friday, March 20, 2009

Diet Ideas for Spring

Today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING. I am
going to get ready for the beach. This
is how I would look if I went today. Isn't
this a cute picture. Enjoy your first day
of SPRING...This diet for SPRING SHAPE-UP
has alot of good informtion,hope you enjoy.

I am keeping Connor and Cooper today. We
are waiting for it to warm up so we can go
outside.It is suppose to be close to 80 today.

What's it like at your home today????

Spring is the best time to detox your body. In the winter, your body becomes sluggish because we tend to eat higher fat foods, and exercise less. When spring comes along, our bodies are ready for the change. This will make dieting and losing weight so much easier.

When spring comes, so does the sun. The sun affects us more than we realize, just like the plants renew themselves, our bodies do the same, so let’s help out. Since our organs are renewing themselves, what better time to detox? We are already getting more energy, and our body is ready to quit gaining weight from those fatty foods, and is ready to start slimming down for summer.

The sun also starts our bodies making more hormones and chemicals that help us deal with possible side effects of dieting. We will be better able to deal with cravings, and have fewer withdrawal headaches. We will sleep better, our skin will look better, our digestion will work better, and we will feel better mentally and physically which gives us more energy.

Two cups of dandelion tea every day will help you detoxify your body throughout the year. If you don’t want to take these two weeks, drinking dandelion tea throughout the year will help heal your digestive tract, speeds metabolism, gets rid of toxins, and flushes extra fluid.

If you get spring colds, have high blood pressure, get headaches, have stomach problems, and are slow to heal from injuries, try these tips. Have a fruit & veggie smoothie twice a day instead of your normal meals. Combine half a cup of spinach or parsley, one cup of water, one banana, one stalk of celery, and a little bit of beets or cucumber. Blend. This helps your liver and your immune system.

Sip lemon water all day long. Add one lemon’s juice to six cups water, about 1 teaspoon fresh grated lemon zest, and shake it up. This adds Vitamin C to help heal your body.

If you have skin problems, yeast or urinary tract infections, or have cellulite even in skinny areas, try this. Drink hot lemon water in the morning. One half lemon in one cup water helps eliminate toxins more efficiently.

Mix one cup of unsweetened cranberry juice with seven cups water, and drink it all day. This juice mix will release fat trapped in your body so it can be flushed out. Mix one tablespoon ground flaxseed into one cup of your juice mixture. Drink this when you get out of bed, and when you go to bed. This helps metabolize toxins and body fat.

If you have frequent upper back pains, bloating at the end of the day, gas, indigestions, cramping or diarrhea, these ideas should help. Mix juice from one half lemon into a cup and a half of hot water. This cleans your liver and gallbladder. Combine one cup organic butter and one cup virgin olive oil, cover and refrigerate. During lunch and dinner, have a bowl of steamed mixed vegetables with one tablespoon of your butter/oil mixture. Don’t toss the water!!! Water from steamed vegetables hold vitamins and minerals that help you detox. Add a little vegetable salt or garlic salt, and drink all day long.

Using one of dieting ideas for spring will help you detox your body, and make your skin glow, give you energy, and keep you feeling healthy all year long. Using all of them will do even more wonderful things for your body.

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roy/elisabeth dean said...

WOW! I need to go to the store today and buy Lemons! I had no idea~ I'll bet it would help my rash too!
Thanks for the tips! Have a happy first day of spring~

Smilingsal said...


If I could stick to those dieting ideas, I wouldn't look like I look and then you wouldn't be able to recognize me! lol

Joy said...

Happy Spring to you!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Wow, these are great ideas! I found my way over here from Becky's blog. Nice to meet you☺

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

I knew I was going to really like you!!!! I totally agree with everything you gave us today and will come back tomorrow and write this info down ..Thank you so much for sharing this

Ginger said...

Great advice. Thank you. I need to try some of these things. Thank you for sharing these good ideas.

BECKY said...

Like your spring diet routine!! I may have to try a few of those!! Thanks for sharing them!!

Have a joyful Spring and lovely Sunday!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I did not realize lemons were so good for you....and they are unfortunately a fruit I do not care for...hmmmm. I may have to learn to like them!!


Ruth and Joe Barrett said...

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