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First I am a mother of two sons, Chad 35 and Ryan 32. Through these beautiful sons, I have been blessed with two beautiful daughter-in-laws, Kelli and Erin. As a result of these beautiful wives comes three beautiful grands, Connor first and the only one for fives years. Then, Kelli and Chad blessed me with another beautiful grandson, Cooper, who is now three. Ryan and Erin blessed me with my first granddaughter, Presley, and now Presley has brother, Harper, who is 2. My blog is really all about family. The reason I chose Magnolia Memories as my blog title is I am from Mississippi! I love Magnolia's. Memories is something that I make everyday. I still have my mother who will be 89 on her birthday in April. My life is centered around my beautiful family. Life is GOOD!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pink Saturday With Lots of Frosting

Beverly at Home Sweet Home is the host
for Pink Saturday
This MaggiB make-up bag was a birthday gift from
my son, wonderful daughter-in-law and Connor
several years ago. It is something that I treasure
because of what it says on the bag. Kelli has been
so wonderful to me to share her children with me.
Anytime, I ask to keep either one of the boys or both
boys she has always been so sweet to allow me to.
Some daughter-in-laws don't like to share their children
with mother-in-laws as much as they share them their
mom. But Kelli has always. So, I had to share my bag.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Pink
Saturday. Thanks for stopping by to see
what I was sharing.
Oh in case your wondering about Vikki
being at the top of my blog. I was trying
to add my signature to my blog. I think
I got it in the wrong place and I didn't know
how to get it to the bottom. What you think?
I'll try it again next post no telling where it
might end up. Ha Ha


White Iris Designs said...

Agreed...that is EXACTLY what Grandmothers are!! Cannot wait to get my frosting!! lol

erin said...

What a cute little red head! I have a red head at my house too, but she is a bit more auburn. Happy Pink/Red Saturday!

Katie said...

Hi Vikki! I'm a new first-time grandma and I had to giggle over the bag, about the frosting, as I make so many goodies and cakes! My g'kids will certainly remember this grandma for her goodies!

Have a wonderful New Year and Happy Pink Saturday!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Happy Pink Saturday, this little guy is adorable.. Aren't grandchildren the best? I always say my grandson makes me heart sing.. This bag is just adorable.. the saying is just too I won't forget.. hugs ~lynne~

Susan said...

My first pink Saturday... Happy Pink Saturday! Not ready for my frosting...yet!

Smilingsal said...

Gifts from grandkids are precious. I have a generous DIL too. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Day.

claudie said...

Dear Vickie
Thanks so much for the lovely comment. It means tons to me. I just got back from a great day of shopping with a special friend. She is my son's ex girlfriend, she's 16 and very, very sweet. I love spending the day with her. She is so grateful for the things I expose her to and thankful for everything I show her. I did scoop tons of pink and precious treasures today. I only wish I could show all you great gals out there!! It's nearly 1:00am and I'm loving everything I'm unwrapping.
Hugs and see you again soon
Claudie from Canada
P.S. Love the bag and the little one.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Vikki. Good mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws are a true blessing.

Ellen said...

This bag says it all....hope I someday become frosted. :)Ellen

Joy said...

Cute bag and such a clever way to describe grandmas. :o)

CC said...

You're right about grandmothers..I have 4 grandchildren that keep me smailing. Happy belated Pink Saturday..hope it was a lovely day.